LOVE X STEREO is an electronic rock band based in Seoul, Korea. LOVE X STEREO’s music is authentic electronic music based in alternative and punk rock from the 90s. With its free use of synthesizing and effects, LOVE X STEREO’s music is danceable.

ANNIE: vocals, synthesizer / TOBY: guitars, producer / SOL: bass

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(via Love X Stereo performing at Let’s Rock Festival for the first time… C U at Nanji Hangang River Park!!! | LOVE X STEREO)
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HEO_Luna from goateee on Vimeo.

Production : NIGHTSHIFT
Director / Art Director : Goatee Hyunchull Umm (NIGHTSHIFT)

Assistant Director : Eunah Seo

Production Assistant : SXRD

Director of Photography : Heesung
1st AC : Guiho
2nd AC : Jaechul Lee

Light Technition: Joonil Lee

1st : Yonghyun Kim

2nd : Chanhee Kim

3rd : Junghoon Park

GFX Operator : Peargram

Hair and Make-up : Ayoung Kim

Talent : Inn Hong, Jandi Kim

Artist : HEO

Song : Luna

Album : Structure

Wish we had a VJ … lol #lovexstereo (we’re at evans lounge watching #silicagel -tickets are free and we’re up next! come come !)

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CONAN - Cold Open Episode 1 from Dan Dome on Vimeo.

I cut this for the first episode of CONAN on TBS.

For demo purposes only. © 2011 TEAM COCO

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This is how #SoundMind looks like…. #lovexstereo
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